Rumored iPad 5 to be thinner -- and land in March

He was all smiles last year when he got his iPad 3. But rumors are that by this March, that device will be two generations behind.
(Lee Jin-man / Associated Press)

That iPad 3 you got last March? Forget it. It’s like the eight-track tape of tablets. (Kids: Ask your parents what that means.) Even that iPad 4 you’re about to unwrap Christmas morning that you think is so darn new is about to become yesterday’s news.

At least, that is, if the latest iPad rumors are true. According to the Japanese blog Macotakara, the next iPad is due to hit in March. At which time, all previous versions of the iPad will feel like bricks.

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The site reports that the fifth version of the iPad will be thinner and lighter than the last iPad. For those of you hoping that Apple’s next version of the iPad would be heavier and clunkier, this is no doubt crushing news.


For the rest of the planet, however, this is pretty much what you’d expect from Apple. Macotakara says its sources say the next iPad will be 2 millimeters thinner and 17 millimeters narrower.

If true, it marks a continuation of the accelerated product update cycle that kicked into gear this past year under Apple CEO Tim Cook.

According to, if the dimensions are correct, “The new supposed thinness would mean the next iPad is nearly as thin as the 7.2mm thin iPad mini.”

Speaking of the Mini, Macotakara reports that Apple is cooking up a retina screen for the next iPad mini.

Here’s the real thing iPad owners need to fear: How long will Apple continue to support those older iPads? It already doesn’t let owners of the first iPad download new versions of iOS.



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