How to make a Big Mac at home, via McDonald’s Canada [Video]


McDonald’s Canada is extending its open-door policy with a new video, this time showing executive chef Dan Coudreaut walking through the steps to prepare a Big Mac at home.

Except that the final product looks less like what’s delivered through a drive-through and more like an unwieldy stuffed bagel. But more on that later.

Last month, the company let consumers see how it primps its food for the camera, filming the process used to turn an uninspiring store-bought burger into the sumptuous sandwich seen in ads.


In McDonald’s newest video, the star is Coudreaut, the chef who last month claimed that he couldn’t find “anything on the menu that’s unhealthy.”

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He shows up wearing a white chef’s jacket but quickly ditches it, saying: “I’m gonna be a little less formal and I’m gonna take off my uniform and we’re just gonna have some fun cooking.”

Using only ingredients bought from grocery stores, he demonstrates what goes between the the heel, club and crown of a Big Mac (that’s the bottom, middle and top bun portions, according to Coudreaut).

The sauce involves mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, classic yellow mustard, a dash of white wine vinegar and a sprinkling of garlic powder, onion powder and paprika.

Coudreaut dices an onion, slices some lettuce, cuts up some pickles and toasts the bun. He gives the 100% beef a “good browning on the underside.”


The result looks like something to be found on any weekend grill.

The video is part of a new campaign from McDonald’s Canada, in which the company responds to questions posed publicly by customers on its website. Last month, however, a Reddit user identifying himself as a McDonald’s employee hosted his own Q&A;, where he riffed on the chain’s secret menu, cleanliness standards and more.

The burger giant is about to open its largest store ever at the Summer Olympics in London, for which it is a sponsor.


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