Does an Apple recruiting video reveal a bigger iPhone?


An Apple recruiting video was discovered this week that gives viewers an extensive look inside the company’s headquarters, and may also contain another clue that Apple is working on a larger iPhone.

About a minute into the video, three people are shown standing in front of a wall to which are attached various papers showing Apple products. An annotation in the YouTube video singles out one of the papers.

With a “New, bigger iPhone!” tag, the video’s editor points to one paper with an image that looks like an iPhone but is a little longer than the Apple phones we’re used to. That paper is also placed to the right of another paper that seems to show a more standard-appearing iPhone, and as a result, is being pointed out as a comparison.


Rumor roundup: The new iPhone

Of course, this is among the softest evidence we’ve seen of the rumored 4-inch iPhone screen, but it also doesn’t help end the speculation.

Reports that Apple will release a longer iPhone began a few months ago and haven’t died down. Some reports have even said that the late Steve Jobs had some input on the next iPhone, despite at one point warning that consumers wouldn’t buy larger smartphones.

The iPhone: Five years running

Another possibility could be that the document is showing an iPad mini. Since Google announced its 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet, rumors that Apple will release its own smaller tablet have picked up. The video could be evidence of that move.

As for the actual video, 9 to 5 Mac reported Tuesday that “it might just be the most in-depth tour of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters that we have ever seen.”

In addition to getting an inside look at the Apple nerve center, we meet some employees and get some sense of how the company functions and what its culture is like.


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