WWDC 2012: A look at what Apple didn’t deliver

Sure, there’s a new, thin MacBook some are calling MacBook “Pr-Air.” And, yeah, we got a peek at OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. There was some stuff to cheer. But there also was a lot not there.

There was no “one last thing.” No Apple TV. No other Mac updates. No iPhone 5. This is beginning to sound a bit like an Amy Winehouse song.

While we probably can’t expect to hear that signature coda of Steve Jobs anytime soon, there were hopes and maybe expectations that Apple would unveil its long-rumored foray into the living room’s screen. BGR had reported that “a source” said Apple would release an SDK for its Apple TV product this week, allowing developers to get busy building apps for an Apple TV platform.

Photos: The new MacBook Pro with Retina Display

But nary a peep.

Some reported expectations had pointed to updates for Apple’s entire Mac line. Nope. Just the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Mind you, it’s not a bad update — super-slim and super-sharp.

Realistically, an iPhone 5 announcement at WWDC was a bit of a long shot. If Apple’s recent pattern is any indication of a pattern at all, the next iPhone really would be on track to show up in the fall.

But that doesn’t stop us from hoping — especially if that itch to upgrade is just starting to take hold. And some of that itch is apparent on Twitter. In fact, “No iPhone 5” was trending on the site for a while, with people mostly coming down on one of two sides: lament or mockery.

The laments range from disappointment (@susaanl gets no hand-me-down: “No iPhone 5 announced which means my cousin wont give me his other iPhone”) to disbelief (“No iPhone 5, but 3GS will get iOS6!” wrote @ThaaGeeInMe).

On the mockery side, there were numerous tweets pointing out that the timeline for upgrades was pretty clear. Others decided to point to other smartphones instead: @Six3witHeelsOn boasts, “No iPhone 5, guess I’ll get the EVO LTE.”

I can’t lie. Even though I knew it was unlikely at WWDC 2012, I was hoping to hear a little bit about Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone. My phone is going through its last bytes, and it’s too late to look at Siri and the 4S.

We’ll all just have to wait and see if fall will bring a harvest of new Apples for us to chew on.


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