Facebook tests bringing back video ‘Call’ button to profiles

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Facebook is currently testing a video “Call” button for its Timeline profiles, giving more prominence to its little known Video Calling feature.

The social network confirmed that the button is being tested on a few people’s profiles, being placed under cover photos and in between the current “Message” and gear buttons.

That location is a familiar spot for the “Call” button since that’s where it was previously located after Video Calling was launched by Facebook last summer, as can be seen on Facebook’s page for the feature. But after Facebook changed profiles and launched Timeline, the button went away.


Currently, making video calls with friends is available only when chatting with someone. A camera button on the top right corner initiates the call, but many people aren’t aware of it.

The test, TechCrunch speculates, is likely happening as other social networks emphasize video chatting.

Google+hasn’t found much success overall, but it’s Hangout feature has been a hit with users.

And just last week, Sean Parker, Facebook’s former president, launched his own app for Facebook called Airtime that focuses on letting users video chat about interests they have in common.

Whether Facebook will roll out the button to all users remains to be seen.

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