What’s coming on iPhone 5?


Sure, the new iPad just came out a week ago. But it’s never too early to talk about what everyone’s expecting next on the iFrontier – iPhone 5, of course.

There’s no shortage of speculation on what it could have and what it should have. The biggest chatter seems to surround the possible announcement date of iPhone 5 and its screen size.

The timing most discussed is spring or Worldwide Developers Conference in June for an announcement. One analyst, Chris Caso of Susquehanna Financial, is quoted as writing to clients that “iPhone 5 production is expected to start around the June time frame.”


Of course, there’s a lot of buzz around October, as well. That timing seems a little more in line with how Apple likes to space out the release of its iterative products. The iPhone 4S hit the market just last fall. With that generation, we saw an improved rear camera (8 megapixels), increased storage options (a 64 GB phone) and the inclusion of Siri, of course.

On the issue of screen size, there’s a lot of heated discussion online about whether the competition’s bigger screens are pushing Apple to follow suit. The speculation has the screen going from its current 3.5 inches to anywhere from 4 inches to 4.7 inches.

While the screen is rumored to possibly get bigger, there’s talk of the micro-SIM card and the dock connector getting smaller. Maybe a micro USB connector instead of the 30-pin dock? Not likely, says iMore.

There’s every expectation of a 4G iPhone 5, particularly with the release of the new iPad with 4G LTE. Some dedicated geeks have gone digging in the latest iOS code and have found compelling hints that suggest it’s coming.

Another upgrade expected is a quad-core processor to replace the current dual-core chip in the iPhone 4S. This would give more kick but would also require more battery juice, and Apple already has a quick drain issue with its phones.

Some have been talking about a change in form factor. I can’t lie; I do miss the sleek, easy-to-hold curves of the iPhone 3 and 3GS. Sure, the current iterations look stylish, but they just don’t fit properly in the palm. Please, Apple, bring back some curves.


For those of us who haven’t yet put all of our faith -- and music -- in the cloud, bigger is always better when it comes to storage. With the advent of a 64 GB option in the iPhone 4S, those awaiting the iPhone 5 will likely not see the jump to 128 GB this go round. Maybe iPhone 6, guys.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, we saw a great demonstration of how you could ditch the vat of rice as a remedy for the iPhone-in-toilet scenario. I’d love to see a waterproof iPhone, so I wouldn’t have to terrify my infant with my reaction every time I catch him teething on my beloved iPhone.

What’s on your iPhone 5 wish list? Maybe biometric scanning or a laser-projected keyboard, like here? Tell us in the comments.


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