Siri says she’s the fairest of them all


It’s Friday afternoon, so I’m going to just put this out there: Siri may purr for Samuel L. Jackson while he’s cooking dinner for another woman, but frankly, she’s got a bit of an attitude, thank you very much.

We saw this post on wpcentral featuring a video (uploaded by an Android phone) by YouTube user newmilpan, saying that when Siri was asked what the best smartphone was, her reply was the Lumia 900. And there’s video (embedded below) to prove it.

Well, we put the question to the smartphone, and let’s just say she was none too pleased.


Her “master”: What’s the best smartphone?

Siri: The one in your hand.

Her “master” again: What’s the best smartphone ever?

Siri: You’re kidding, right?

Apparently the iPhone in the video was under the influence of Wolfram Alpha.

Frankly, we were a little afraid to ask her one more time. She was becoming a bit more like Talky Tina from the “Twilight Zone” with every query.


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