Facebook IPO: Guess how high shares will go

While you might not be willing to take a chance on Facebook's debut on the stock market, it's safe to weigh in on what you think the closing price of Facebook stock will be Friday.

With the hacker spirit being encouraged at Facebook, it's fitting that there is a hack to track where people watchers think the stock will close at the end of its first trading day.

Inspired by a tweet from angel investor Chris Sacca on Tuesday night, programmer James Proud whipped up a little hack to track tweets with closing predictions. The site shows each Twitter user's prediction and what would value the company.

So far, more than 800 people have tweeted their predictions. Guesses range from $35 to $87. On average, they think the Facebook shares will close at $55, valuing the company at more than $138 billion.

The site, which launched Wednesday evening, was “quickly knocked together with Python, Tornado, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, no sleep and Bootstrap.”

You can add your own prediction to the mix and watch the average fluctuate by clicking here.


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