Microsoft stops Motorola from importing 18 Android devices

Motorola was given bad news by the U.S. International Trade Commission, which banned several of its smartphones from coming into the country due to an infringement of a Microsoft patent.

A total of 18 devices Motorola devices running Android, including the Droid, were affected by the ban, which was issued Friday.

The ban affects Motorola’s Blur devices as well as Google Experience mobile devices, a Microsoft spokeswoman told Bloomberg News.

The decision goes back to a 2010 complaint filed by Microsoft claiming that Motorola violated nine of its patents, according to PCMag.

Motorola said it will not be immediately impacted by the decision because of a 60-day presidential review period where it can continue to import the devices, but it must pay 33 cents for each unit it brings in.

“Although we are disappointed by the commission’s ruling that certain Motorola Mobility products violated one patent, we look forward to reading the full opinion to understand its reasoning,” the company said in a statement. “We will explore all options including appeal.”

Motorola will have to alter its software or agree to a licensing deal with Microsoft as a result of the ban.

“We hope that now Motorola will be willing to join the vast majority of Android device makers selling phones in the U.S. by taking a license to our patents,” Microsoft said in a statement.


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