Nasdaq welcomes Facebook, invites comments

Facebook Friday is finally here. The bell has rung and the stock goes public in about an hour. Nasdaq has a very friendly welcome to the company on top of its homepage, “to a more open and connected world.”

When you click one of the links in the welcome box, in true social networking style, there’s an invitation for visitors to engage. “How has Facebook connected your world?” it asks. “With more than 900 million members worldwide, Facebook has made the world more open and connected than ever. We invite you to share the ways in which Facebook has connected your world.”

Amid the many congratulations (spelled various ways) and the occasional expletive are story after story in a variety of languages that tell of connections made -- between long-lost friends and previously undiscovered family.

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So far, there are 180 comments. Among the commenters is Sandy Stehman, who writes that she “just discovered a string of relatives I didn’t know existed from a picture posted on a friends Facebook....ironically, we only live 3 blocks from each other.”

With a little humor from down under, Sue Cairns from Perth, Australia, writes, “Facebook has reduced my housework time, reduced my working hours, has increased my RSI and connected me with hundreds of people I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Mr Z.”
One commenter, Monica Miller from Boone, Iowa, has a suggestion for the stock: “I think instead of selling stock to the very rich people you should sell stock to the people that made you rich!”


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