Google Search for iPhone gets cleaner and faster


Google Search for iPhone has gotten a complete overhaul that makes the app much cleaner, speedier and a bit user-friendlier, if you will.

The updated app, complete with the day’s Google Doodle, now automatically fills the screen in both portrait and landscape orientations with search results. You scroll down, and the controls are hidden. You scroll up to reveal them again.

Across the bottom of the screen, you find the categories of search areas including images, videos, news and blogs. This carousel also disappears as you begin to scroll through results. A nice intuitive touch -- if you’re looking at results, you don’t need the other navigation options.


And, in a bit of a nod to the multitouch gestures of the iPad, Google Search webpage results can be swept away to return to the results page with a quick right-to-left flick of the finger.

One of the more stunning features of the update is image search. The results page is much more visually inviting, with a full-screen grid format.

As part of the clutter-free user interface, access to Google apps comes on the main screen and can be toggled between what’s on the Web, which appears on a white background) and what’s on your device (on a black background).

The update for the iPad version allows you to save images to your camera roll.


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