Onavo Count, an iPhone tool for tracking apps’ cellular data use


Tracking data usage on an iPhone just became a lot easier.

Menlo Park-based software developer Onavo has released a new free app called Onavo Count for iPhone users that will show you just how much cellular data each of your apps that connects to the Internet has been using.

If you’re like most people and have a limit to your monthly data plan, this should be helpful.

“Onavo Count solves the mystery of your monthly bills by giving you a bird’s eye view of the data used by each app,” the app’s App Store description says.


Onavo Count will show you how much cellular data each of your apps have been using week by week or in a 30-day overview in color and aesthetically pleasing graphs. Onavo Count will also rank your apps by usage, showing you which are the data hogs.

Onavo Count also works well with Onavo Extend, another app by the company that came out last year that compresses the data you use in order to let you get more out of your plan.

When you use both apps, Onavo Count will show you how much data an app uses and how much Onavo Extend has compressed it by.

You can also get Onavo Count if you’re on Android -- that version of the app has been around since last year.


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