Play virtual rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of Google

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If you got really into playing the interactive Les Paul Google Doodle, or the more recent Bob Moog Doodle, then you’ll love Jam With Chrome, a new, playable Web app from Google.

JAM with Chrome lets you select from 19 instruments including three different types of bass guitars, six regular guitars, three drum machines and five different keyboards and play them on your computer by running your mouse across the strings, drum pads, keys, etc. Once you figure out how it all works, you can then invite up to three friends to play with you at the same time.

The incredibly cute video that Google’s in-house ad agency Google Creative Lab put up on Google’s official blog shows you how it might work if a bunch of aesthetically pleasing and musically inclined animated animals used the Web app.


JAM with Chrome is definitely fun to play around with -- kind of like an elaborate Google Doodle with its own URL. But it’s also an advertisement for Google and all the cool things you can do with the company’s technology.

Click on the “technology” link on the JAM with Chrome website and you’ll come across a list of all the different technologies that the app’s developers used to put the app together, and this explanation:

“JAM with Chrome is a collaborative live music experience in your browser, that makes use of several Web technologies and Google products.... We’ve combined these technologies to bring you the complete JAM with Chrome experience. When you play the instruments, your browser will tell other users’ browsers which notes to play, how to play them, and how to animate the user interface.”

Self serving? Sure. But also pretty cool.


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