Apple no longer touts Maps app as ‘most powerful’

Amid the furor over its new Maps app, Apple has deleted the description that it is the “most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.”

The change, first noted by German website, follows last week’s rare move by Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, who apologized to users of the new app that came with an operating system upgrade.

Though the new Maps is pretty to look at, Apple essentially admitted that the app is nowhere near being the most “powerful mapping service ever” when Cook sent out an apology letter, in which he said Maps failed to live up to the standard Apple has for its products.

That’s because Maps is now powered by Apple software, along with the help of some partners, after using Google Maps since 2007. That’s caused the app to be filled with inaccurate information, gaffes throughout and overall less useful information than its predecessor.

Apple’s webpage for the Maps app has now been updated with: “All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease." 

That’s embarrassing for Apple, which has also begun recommending that its users try out other map apps, including Nokia Maps and Google Maps.

In fact, Apple is now going to great lengths to teach users just how they can add app icons for those websites, putting up an instruction page online, as pointed out by Business Insider.


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