Photos of a possible iPad mini posted by a Ukrainian website

Apple has yet to confirm that it is making an iPad mini but that hasn’t stopped purported sightings of the new tablet including photos of its parts.

The pictures were taken by an unnamed source at a factory in China, according to, a website that posts Apple news. They include a photo of the front panel, two shots of the back panel and a picture of LCD displays, although they may belong to a tablet other than the iPad mini, 9 to 5 Mac speculated.

The front panel, which you can see above, matches the look previous reports have suggested the iPad mini will take. It has slimmer bezel frames on its sides than the 9.7-inch iPad. also lists the screen space at 7.85-inches, matching the size many have been predicting. You can also see a hole for a front camera.

iPad mini: Rumor round-up


A shot of the back panel, meanwhile, shows its exterior could be made of aluminum similar to the back of the black iPhone 5, and there also seems to be a hole for a back camera.

Another shot of the interior of the back panel hints at what the iPad mini may include. For starters, it appears the iPad mini will use Apple’s new Lightning connector.

A SIM card tray and an opening in the panel also hints that Apple may offer a cellular connected version of the iPad mini. That would give Apple an advantage over Google’s Nexus 7 and the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD, both of which can connect only to Wi-Fi.

This week, another report said Apple will likely send out media invites next week for the iPad mini’s announcement event, which is expected to happen later this month.



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