Apple’s iPhone 5 is likely coming soon; how much will it cost?


As Apple all but said in a press invite this week, “The iPhone 5 is almost here!”

Technically, the company said “It’s almost here” -- but the giant shadow of the number 5 on the invitation was a pretty clear tip-off that the rumor mill had gotten it right, and Apple would be announcing the heavily anticipated iPhone 5 on Wednesday.

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Throughout the summer, the online rumors have been running rampant, with reports of changes big and small coming to the sixth-generation iPhone, dubbed by the media “iPhone 5.”


Experts expect the new phone to have a larger screen, probably about 4 inches, 4G LTE connectivity, and a significantly smaller dock connector than earlier versions of the phone.

But how much will it cost? Mark Gurman, a writer at, took a deep dive into the part codes matrix of what he describes as a “well-known retailer” and concluded that the iPhone 5 will run between $199 and $399, depending on how much memory it has.

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He anticipates that the phone will come in the same configurations as the iPhone 4S -- with the 16GB priced at $199, the 32GB at $299 and the 64GB at $399.

This would make the price of the new iPhone 5 the same as the current iPhone 4S, and it’s what others have anticipated as well.



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