How to return your iPhone 4S if you just bought one

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As expected for months, Apple has just announced the iPhone 5. But somehow, there are always those people who buy an iPhone just before the new one comes out.

If you’re one of those unlucky people, here’s a guide containing the iPhone return policies for all major companies that carry the iPhone 4S. Good luck.

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If you purchased your iPhone directly from the tech giant itself, you get 30 days to change your mind and return it. Apple says the phone should be “undamaged,” repackaged and include all of its accessories. But in its return policy, Apple says that it is not responsible for canceling your contract with carriers.

“You are responsible for your wireless service agreement and for any applicable fees associated with your wireless account,” the company says in its return policy.


If you bought your phone from AT&T;, you have 30 days to return it, but it won’t be easy. The Texas-based carrier will charge you $35 for a restocking fee and you have to return it “to the original point of purchase.” AT&T; also requires that the phone still be in like-new condition with all of its original packaging and a receipt.



If you bought your iPhone from Sprint and have regrets, you better return it fast. The black and yellow network has a return policy of just 14 days for the iPhone and all its other handsets, but if you also want your activation fee refunded, you’ll have to return it within three days. Sprint also asks that the phone not be damaged


Verizon also has a 14 day return policy for the iPhone as well as a day return policy to refund the activation fee. Additionally, Verizon will charge you a $35 restocking fee.

Best Buy

When asked about its return policy, Best Buy kept its answer simple: “It is standard policy as every other phone – 30 day return policy,” the company said.



The big red store gives you more time than any other major iPhone retailer to change your mind, giving customers 90 days to return the iPhone, but the company asks that you have your receipt.


Wal-Mart said its return policy for the iPhone depends on the carrier it was purchased for. So figure out which network you’re on and look at their return policy on this guide.


RadioShack never responded to our requests for comment, but we called up a few stores around the country. Generally, they said customers have 14 days to return the iPhone.

Virgin Mobile


If you bought your iPhone online from Virgin Mobile, the company says you have 30 days to return the device for a full refund. You’ll need the receipt and packaging.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless said its return policy only applies if you purchased your iPhone from a company-owned store or one of its premier dealers. If so, you have 30 days to return the phone.


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