Benjamin Franklin gets a face lift: New $100 bill coming this fall

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The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that a newly designed $100 bill would begin circulating in October, more than two years after the initial target date.

The $100 bill, a prime target for counterfeiters, will in its new version feature advanced security features such as a blue 3-D ribbon running through the middle and a disappearing image of the Liberty Bell. Benjamin Franklin’s face will still be printed off-center on the front of the bill.

The new note was originally slated to begin circulating in 2011, but problems including unwanted creases in bills delayed production until this year.


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The new $100 bill is the latest efforts by the Federal Reserve to outwit counterfeiters with increasingly sophisticated designs.

In 2003, the government began rolling out $20 bills with peach, blue and green backgrounds, the first time in modern American history where notes included colors other than green and black. Redesigns soon followed of the $5, $10 and $50 bills.

The government posted an online video about the new $100 bill.


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