Craft brewers say new glass makes their beer taste better


Could a new glass make beer taste better?

Two brewers on opposite sides of the United States have partnered to produce a glass they say will amplify and balance “even the hoppiest of IPAs.”

Manufactured by German glassware company Spiegelau, the glass was designed with input from Delaware-based Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., from Chico, Calif., and is available for $9.

At least one beer enthusiast says the glass improves the taste of India Pale Ale, a hoppy, high-alcohol brew.


Beer blogger Chad Lothian said he performed a blindfolded test of Dogfish’s 60 Minute IPA – one in a standard pint glass, the other in the new Spiegelau IPA glass – and preferred the new glass, both for its aroma and taste.

“The hops were stepped up a notch and the malt flavors more pronounced,” Lothian said.


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