Chrysler car recall: Don’t drive it or park in or near structures

Chrysler is recalling some model year 2013 Dodge Challengers with six-cylinder engines because of a potential fire hazard.
(David Zalubowski / Associated Press Photos)

The Chrysler Group has announced that it is recalling 4,459 model-year 2013 Dodge Challengers because of a hazard that could cause a fire.

The problem could cause a wire harness to overheat or short circuit and possibly cause a fire. The company said it was aware of seven such incidents. So far, none have resulted in injuries.


The recall affects only 2013 Dodge Challengers with V-6 engines built during an eight-week period ending Jan. 24, 2013. About 2,500 of the cars have been sold. The rest are still at dealerships.

The problem is considered serious enough that the automaker is urging owners to refrain from driving their cars and to contact their dealers.

Owners are even being warned not to park their vehicles “in or near any structure,” according to a press release. In other words, away from things that might burn.

“Customers who are uncertain if they are affected should take the above precautions and inquire with their dealers,” said a statement from the Chrysler Group.

The car owners are being contacted by telephone and by mail.

Loaner cars will be provided, free of charge, until repairs are complete, the company said.


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