Ford unveils 50th anniversary logo for long-running Mustang brand


With the Ford Mustang approaching a remarkable landmark as the only U.S. muscle car in continuous production for 50 years, the automaker has unveiled a new anniversary logo for its trusted steed.

Ford said it is part of a campaign to mark the milestone with the help of 50 companies that will sell products including watches, pinball machines, T-shirts, model cars and more to celebrate the Mustang’s first 50 years.

“We’re marking this Mustang milestone with a distinctive collection of licensed products from select manufacturers that will carry the unique Mustang 50 Years logo.” said John Nens, Ford’s team lead for Global Brand Licensing.


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All of the anniversary merchandise line will be easily identified by the custom logo. A design team, led by Chief Creative Officer J Mays, held an internal competition to create an icon for the occasion.

The winning logo crafted by designer Michael Thompson features the Mustang’s trademark galloping pony in silhouette over the characters “50 YEARS.”

“The 50 Years logo is bold and purposeful, and everyone’s immediate reaction is, ‘That’s Mustang,’ and it’s not just because they recognize the pony.” said Steve Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “It’s the whole look and feel. The most impressive thing about celebrating 50 years of Mustang is the fact that fans are the ones driving this.


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