Hot Property | Clive Wilkinson home
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Clive Wilkinson designed Google’s inventive campus. His home is a surreal blast

The Googleplex architect has built a spot for his family that’s all sculptural angles, wide open spaces and killer views.

The shape of the home’s sculptural topper is a skewed parallelogram — clad in black zinc panels and lined with Douglas fir. (Ema Peter)
From the rear, Clive Wilkinson’s new home is triple stacked with an infinity pool, terrace and gardens at its base.  (Ema Peter)
Stairs lead guests up to the center of the great room; a full-width balcony accessed by wall-window sliders presents a staggering city view. (Ema Peter)
The great room’s steel roof beam is placed at a novel 45-degree diagonal across the vaulted ceiling. (Ema Peter)
A library-media room, its wall-window angled outward, forms the street-facing front portion of the outre top floor. (Ema Peter)
The home’s curbside view presents a two-story facade; the ground floor is partly buried into a back slope that plummets seven stories. (Ema Peter)