Home of the Week | Bunkering down in Beverly Hills
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Home of the Week | Bunkering down in Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, a contemporary-style house is geared for self-quarantine with a hospital-grade air-purification system. Asking price: $9.995 million.

The Beverly Hills contemporary has hospital-grade HEPA and UV air filtration. It’s listed for sale at $9.995 million. (Adrian Van Anz)
Built in 1961, the home has 5,300 square feet. (Adrian Van Anz)
Whole-house audio, video and lighting systems are among the features. (Adrian Van Anz)
Warm paneling and marble are highlights in the living room. (Adrian Van Anz)
The house has 42 custom Fleetwood windows and doors. (Adrian Van Anz)
In addition to a light-filled kitchen, there’s a two-room pantry suite stocked with a six-month supply of food. (Adrian Van Anz)
The home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. (Adrian Van Anz)
Interiors include marble counters and polished stone floors.  (Adrian Van Anz)
An aerial view. (Adrian Van Anz)
The backyard pool and grounds. (Adrian Van Anz)