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La Jolla’s Razor House

Built in 2007, the 11,500-square-foot modern mansion takes in sweeping ocean views from window-lined living spaces, rooftop terraces and a custom concrete courtyard.

The exterior. (Gary Kasl)
The jagged exterior. (Gary Kasl)
The rounded living room. (Gary Kasl)
The living room. (Gary Kasl)
The great room with a fireplace. (Gary Kasl)
The lofted lounge. (Gary Kasl)
One of the master suites. (Gary Kasl)
A second-story bedroom. (Gary Kasl)
One of the master bedrooms. (Gary Kasl)
The courtyard. (Gary Kasl)
The central courtyard. (Gary Kasl)
The infinity-edge pool. (Gary Kasl)
The pool’s view of the ocean. (Gary Kasl)
The exterior. (Gary Kasl)
The subterranean garage. (Gary Kasl)