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Milt Davis’ Hollywood Hills home

Built in 1966, the 2,300-square-foot home takes in sweeping city views through walls of glass.

The view. (Compass)
The Midcentury home. (Compass)
The staircase. (Compass)
The front. (Compass)
The dining area. (Compass)
The office. (Compass)
The living room. (Compass)
The breakfast bar. (Compass)
The kitchen. (Compass)
The master bedroom. (Compass)
The master bathroom. (Compass)
The guest bedroom. (Compass)
The family room. (Compass)
The stairs. (Compass)
The entry. (Compass)
The glass-covered home. (Compass)
The exterior. (Compass)
The landscaped lot. (Compass)