Where ‘Glee’ star Heather Morris kicks off her dancing shoes

The life of a professional dancer and actor can be exhausting: rehearsals, workouts, costume fittings, performances. Now add to that hosting a dance podcast, “The Dance Room,” and raising two kids, and you have a glimpse into the busy world of former “Glee” star Heather Morris.

Such a schedule demands a refuge for decompression and tranquility. For Morris, that place is her bedroom.

Morris and her family only recently moved into their traditional Woodland Hills home, but she has already fashioned her California-modern bedroom into a space to escape the stress. “Although I’m a performer, I’m an introvert, and this room is where I can just let go and be myself,” said Morris, 32.


On the ivory-tinted nightstand next to her king-sized bed, Morris keeps her relaxation tools — black and green Mala beads draped on a porcelain lamp, a square aromatherapy diffuser dispersing scents of eucalyptus and lavender, and a collection of healing crystals that range from white amethyst to rose quartz.

The colors in the room exude tranquility as well, with light blues on the walls and decorative pillows, creamy whites in the shag ottoman at the foot of the bed and the fabric headboard, and cool grays on the black-trimmed barn door and pull-down shades. A sliding glass door leading to the backyard lets in soft streams of light.

Although the bedroom may be a place for the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant to get away from it all, the rest of the 2,800-square-foot home is where she enjoys time with her family, whether running around with her sons, Eli, 6, and Owen, 4, or joining her husband, Taylor Hubbell, in his wood shop.

Why is this your favorite room?

I can calm down and decompress. It’s the space where I can be quiet and meditate.

How else do you like to decompress in here?

I really enjoy journaling. I also like to use healing oils and crystals. I just use some oil and put a crystal on my chest and it helps me let go of the past. Amethyst is my birthstone, so it makes me feel like myself again.

Did you style the room to evoke a sense of calm?

I tried to keep it clean and neutral — it’s a serene space and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by anything. I chose to have it be light because, with two boys, there’s a lot of prominent darks around the house, but not in my room.

Are the boys allowed in here?

Mostly they’re in here jumping on the bed, and it’s so scary.


They’re gonna fall and break their necks! I know that’s such a morbid way to think but that’s motherhood. You just worry, “How do I keep them safe?”

Your husband is an incredible woodworker. Has he built anything in here?

No, which I’m super bummed about. We have pieces all over the house, but not in here yet. What I’d love to do is a wood chevron feature wall. I haven’t told him about that yet, but hopefully, I can talk him into doing something as extravagant as that.

Do you ever dance in here?

Not really (laughs). Dance is my job, it’s something I’ve been doing my whole life. There’s nothing dance-related in here — except for my closet, where I have all my dancing shoes and a couple of keepsakes from “Glee,” like the wedding dress, that I hope to someday auction off to fans for charity.

What kind of charity would you donate to?

I work with the International Fund for Animal Wellness and PETA. I’m very focused on the environment and taking care of our Earth and our animals.