My Favorite Room: Marisol Nichols puts bold colors to work

"I wake up, grab my coffee and start my day in here," the actress says of her home office. "It's my main place."
(Michael Owen Baker / For The Times)

In converting a former nursery into a home office, Marisol Nichols was driven by a specific aesthetic.

“I like the pirate and gypsy vibe,” said the actress, who stars on the CW’s “Riverdale.” “That’s always been my thing.”

The room is Nichols’ favorite spot in the 2,800-square-foot Toluca Lake home she shares with her husband, Taron, and 8-year-old daughter, Rain. It’s where she takes meetings and works on her nonprofit ventures, including the charity she started, Foundation for a Slavery-Free World.

“I wake up, grab my coffee and start my day in here,” she said. “It’s my main place.”


How did this become your favorite room?

I was getting busier and needed more room to work. This used to be the baby’s room, which she rarely slept in; she was always with us. Now our daughter has her bedroom next door, so I took over this space.

What sort of design plan did you have?

I worked with Melinda Brownstone of Brownstone Designs, who had designed my previous condo. I love color but didn’t want something so outrageous that it wouldn’t go with the rest of the house.

Did you have to do any major work?

Not especially. Because this was the nursery, the walls were all white. We used stencils to add color and details.

And you gravitated to these lively, bohemian colors?

I wanted turquoise and gold. I love that combination, especially with the darker cabinets and intricate details.

Is there a story behind the desk?

This used to be the kitchen table. It was raw wood. I went to Ross Allan Reclaimed Lumber (in North Hollywood). He added drawers and sanded the table down, adding texture and layers of color stain to get this overall look and to bring the turquoise in.

Did you repurpose anything else in here?

I already had these pale gold curtains. They were sheer and pretty. We made them even more beautiful by adding fabric to make them bloom out at the bottom and lining to make them more lush.

Were you trying to keep to a budget?

We spent maybe $6,000 or $7,000. I bought things at Target and made a trip to Camarillo Premium Outlets. I have side tables in here that I bought in 1996 and a chair I found in a garage sale that we covered in red velvet.

Any other special pieces in here?

I have two paintings that used to belong to my grandmother, who lived in Chicago. When I was young, I used to sleep over at her house. They came to me when she passed away. I remember looking at them when I was a girl, and now, every time I see them, I feel good.


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