My Favorite Room: Chelsea Kane keeps her family close with a nostalgia-laden living room


Moving to Laurel Canyon was the ultimate homecoming for actress Chelsea Kane.

Her parents’ first home was four houses from the cozy 1,300-square-foot property that Kane, who starred on Freeform’s sitcom “Baby Daddy,” now serendipitously occupies.

“You can stand in my backyard and throw a rock and hit their [former] backyard,” the 29-year-old said.

In Kane’s art-laden living room, nostalgia reigns in the form of family heirlooms, including prized Mel Ramos and Andy Warhol pieces; relics from her six seasons on “Baby Daddy”; and the portrait she painted of “Star Wars” character Jar Jar Binks when she was 11.


“Everything kind of has a story,” said the former Disney Channel darling and “Dancing With the Stars” alum.

Why is the living room so special?

It’s filled with life. Be it pictures and knickknacks that represent my life’s history, or the spot where everyone seems to congregate at the end of the night, there’s always laughter, light and music in the living room. It’s my safe place.

Describe your design taste.

I feel like I often have masculine taste when it comes to furniture. Dark and solid, something that will last a hundred years and has already been around for a little while.

Any particular design inspiration?


I wanted it to feel homey. When I worked on “Baby Daddy,” they would build a set overnight. But I loved the stuff they would do to make it feel like a house — pictures on the fridge, something in every nook and cranny.

What’s the story behind the naked woman painting over the fireplace?

It was my housewarming gift. My parents had it hanging above their bed growing up, and it was my nightmare, because of course any friends that came over were, like, “Your parents are kinky.” I was just mortified. But then as I grew up I was, like, “That’s actually pretty funky.” It was the first thing in this house, and I’ve kind of built everything around it from there.

Any keepsakes from “Baby Daddy”?

At the end of every season, they would give awards for who messed up the most and who messed up the least. I’m a huge perfectionist, so it became a real battle between the actors. I won three seasons for the least amount of flubs. So my trophies are out.

What’s your favorite piece?


My Red Hot Chili Peppers print. Every time I have friends over, people just stand in front of it and it kind of looks like you’re part of the picture. I love that.

Biggest splurge?

That chair from a furniture store called Emperic. It was one of those “I hope a lot of people sit on this, but I hope I don’t spill wine all over it the first day” purchases. I didn’t want it to feel like people couldn’t take off their shoes and relax.

Great fireplace.

I’ve dragged the air mattress in here and just slept in the living room all weekend, keeping the fire going. It’s so hypnotizing — it just instantly makes everything feel safe and cozy.



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