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My Favorite Room: Lisa Rinna’s living room invites you to ‘flop down and get cozy’

Hot Property | My Favorite Room | Lisa Rinna
It’s a living room that gets used, as opposed to one that you just walk by,” says Lisa Rinna of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”
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Lisa Rinna’s living room is well-trodden turf — and not just because film crews occasionally come in and tear the whole house apart to shoot for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

The L-shaped space, which blends into the family and dining rooms, is filled with light, mementos and three decades of memories. It’s the emotional core of the Italian villa-style five-bedroom 41,22-square-foot house that the entertainment industry veteran shares with her husband, Harry Hamlin, and two teenage daughters.

“It’s an intimate room, not huge, but you can just come in and flop down and get cozy,” Rinna said. “It’s a living room that gets used, as opposed to one that you just walk by.”

What in the living room makes it so personal?


There’s a little bit of everything. Harry built the house, and there’s stuff from his mother and father, beautiful paintings that his family passed down generation to generation. The one above the fireplace — which Harry found in Europe — features one of the horses that his great-grandfather owned.

Anything unusual?

There’s a dying palm tree. We have a very hard time keeping these palms alive in this one spot, but we just always have them. It’s a problem.

Anything in here from your “Real Housewives” castmates?


A little Hermès tray that I love that I got from Kyle Richards.

You’ve lived here for 25 years. Harry’s been here for 30 years. Has the room changed much?

The whole house took a big hit during the earthquake in 1994 and had to be redone. A wall came down — you can see a crack starting where it was. There are places on the floor — which is old stone from Italy — where you can see it too. But no major renovations since then.

Did you use a similar aesthetic philosophy for the room as you do for your clothing collection for QVC?

The fashion line is based on an idea of cozy, comfy, California chic, and our house is very much that. It’s eclectic flea-market-meets-great-long-lasting-quality.

For a long time, we went to flea markets in Pasadena and Santa Monica. We collected so much that we haven’t gone for a while.

How is the room for cutting a rug? You were on “Dancing With the Stars,” after all.

Right now we’re so busy we haven’t been throwing nearly enough parties. But we’ve always got great people here.



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