My Favorite Room: Natasha Leggero lets herself get lost in the forest

Like a well-developed character, a room in actress Natasha Leggero’s home requires personality, history and, of course, a name.


Like a well-developed character, a room in actress Natasha Leggero’s home requires personality, history and, of course, a name.

Meet “The Lodge,” the woodland-themed living room in Leggero’s 3,000-square-foot Silver Lake home that garnered its title and vision after a visit to Yosemite’s Majestic hotel (formerly the Ahwahnee) with her husband, comedian Moshe Kasher.

“I wanted to create a little forest vibe where you can turn on the fire and read a book,” said the co-creator and star of Comedy Central’s “Another Period,” currently in its third season. “I really like themes — something specific and also something to make it fun.”


Though the forest motif reigns strong throughout her cavernous Lodge, the space also boasts such glamorous, vintage elements as gold antler decor, collections of old books and a gold coffee table atop a large, white fur rug.

“It’s a very [fashion editor] Diana Vreeland ‘garden from hell’ situation,” said Leggero, 43.

Do you pull aesthetic inspiration from a specific era?

You have to work with what the house dictates. I’m usually most attracted to 1940s Hollywood Regency style, and luckily this house is from 1940. It’s a little bit more on the homey side, so I tried to see what I could do to make it feel more glamorous.

What quirks do you appreciate in older homes that modern layouts seem to lack?


Everyone is obsessed with open floor plans so they can cook dinner while watching TV while watching the kids. But with these old houses, every room is its own little thing. That was inspirational because the whole house didn’t have to be a lodge, just this room. The kitchen can be something else crazy, and the dining room can be its own thing. It has to go together, but it can all kind of be separate.

Did Moshe have a say in the decor?

The old house we used to live in I had decorated before he moved in. For this place, he asked if it could be a little more masculine. It feels very over-the-top, and my husband loves things to be very eccentric, so that’s a good thing.

Do you shop together?

We like to travel, so we collect things and give each other gifts. I gave him the banner above the fireplace one year for his birthday. And he gave me the rug from Mexico. So we buy things that would match the house or a certain room.

Any interesting history behind any of your pieces?

The gold deer in front of the fireplace that I put matches in was from [ novelist] Jackie Collins’ house.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?

I found almost everything just going up Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake. There’s Casa Victoria and a little place next door called Daisy’s Antiques.

Biggest splurge?

The couch from Anthropologie because I had to pay “normal people prices” for it — I usually buy antiques or vintage stuff. Paying for something full price, like a $3,000 couch, is not really in my comfort zone. I’d much rather get $60 chairs that I buy material for and have my amazing upholsterer Juan Jose fix them. Then everything becomes possible.


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