My Favorite Room: Paris Hilton is the central character in her screening room

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Paris Hilton’s screening room is a study in self-expression.

The space — which features a pink pool table, a carnival-inspired photo booth and more than a dozen framed magazine covers of the heiress on the walls — was meticulously designed to reflect her personal brand.

“It’s very girly, like me,” said Hilton, 36, a designer and DJ. “I don’t spare any details.”

The room, which “has that kind of French Victorian vibe,” is one of her favorite places to entertain in her 7,500-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion. An avid sports fan, Hilton enjoys watching football games with her boyfriend, actor Chris Zylka, and their friends on the room’s massive 120-inch screen (she roots for the New England Patriots).


It’s also where she likes to congregate and mingle before a party upstairs at Club Paris — Hilton’s very own nightclub equipped with a Bose sound system and DJ booth, smoke machines and a dance pole. The club’s stairway entrance is conveniently located in the screening room.

Hilton recently released her 24th perfume, Rose Rush, and will soon release a rose water facial spray called Unicorn Mist.

Why is this your favorite room?

I love the color scheme — baby blue, pink and gold. I built one of those [hidden escape] doors that looks like a bookshelf. It leads to a huge showroom for all my products. It’s kind of like a secret office.

How has your experience as a designer influenced your home decor?

I always put all of my inspiration, photos and things from my travels into [my designs]. It’s more fun to design a house than it is to design clothes. It’s something you live in, and it’s really special when every single part of my house is custom.


If there’s a fire, what’s the first thing in this room you would grab?

It would definitely be my dog.

Describe your design philosophy.

I like the whole house to have a certain vibe. This half is very old Hollywood and Victorian. I love using a lot of mirrors.

What’s your advice for blinging up a space?

Put a chandelier in — it’s a beautiful statement piece. Also using lots of gold and anything with crystals on it. So I have a lot of beautiful frames that have Swarovski crystals.


For a room, especially the ceiling, you can add in beautiful moldings. It makes such a difference. So regal and elegant.

What about where to shop?

Definitely a great place to go is Jonathan Adler. He has really fun home accessories. I love his style, and the attitude is very unique. It’ll make your place.

Do any design choices in here mirror Hilton family traditions?

This room actually reminds me a lot of my mom. When I was little, our house was very Victorian and French, with old antiques that reminded me of the Hotel Ritz Paris. I used to like those houses in the Hollywood Hills: white, modern, very plain and simple. Now I see that I’ve totally copied my mom’s style. She has the special golden touch.

What makes this room “hot,” as you like to say?


Because you feel like you’re in Paris with Paris.