My Favorite Room: In Rob Riggle’s comfy alcove, Christmas is always around the corner

My Favorite Room: Rob Riggle

In the vast, light-filled space that is the heart of Rob Riggle’s home, his favorite place is a small seating area — comfy couches from Croft House, plush throw pillows from Restoration Hardware and Costco. Created by his wife, interior designer Tiffany Riggle, the alcove sits outside the home office yet removed from the TV and game table on the far side of the sprawling area.

“We as a couple spend a lot of time in this area. It’s where we have a glass of wine, catch up on the day and debrief,” said the comedic actor, a former regular on “The Daily Show” whose new series, “Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy,” premiered in August on Sony Crackle.

A year ago, the Riggles moved into the Westlake Village house — set on more than 2 acres of land overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains — with their 14-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. They recently adopted a German shepherd puppy, Tess.

Before that, Tiffany Riggle and her company, Tickled Crow Consulting & Design, spent two years transforming a warren of small rooms into one large, airy space that opens onto a sophisticated outdoor area.

Rob Riggle said the back of the home resembled a “Soviet-bloc schoolhouse,” with only one door leading to the yard and no light coming inside. “Now it has depth and texture.”


The main part of the house is done in soothing, muted shades, filled with unusual finds, such as a rug with patterns inspired by icicles in Central Park. And in one corner, stashed behind a door, a 9-foot Christmas tree hibernates.

Actor Rob Riggle's wife, Tiffany - an interior designer - created the look of this space in their Westlake Village home.
(Jesse Goddard / For The Times)

This is one really huge room with lots of areas. But this is your favorite part of it?

When we got the couches, it became the place for my wife and I. We sit down and catch up, and then we break and go conquer — the kids, meetings, this and that. But this is where we anchor ourselves.

What are some of your favorite pieces here?

I like things that have a tangible history. The base of our dining table is from an old factory, a salvaged slab of metal that dates back to 1906. I love that something that once served in a factory in Chicago at the turn of the century is now in our house.

And you’re a few feet from outdoors.

Tiffany and I started our lives together in New York City, living in a 350-square-foot studio apartment. Our first house here had a rinky-dinky backyard, but we thought we were leading the big life. And then we saw this house, with all this amazing potential for outdoor living.

"We as a couple spend a lot of time in this area," Riggle says.
(Jesse Goddard / For The Times)

Plush throw pillows in the room are from Restoration Hardware and Costco.
(Jesse Goddard / For The Times)

And what about the disappearing Christmas tree?

We had this tall storage space we were trying to figure out what to do with. And then Tiffany had this idea. We roll out our decorated 9-foot Christmas tree after Thanksgiving and roll it back in after the new year.

What’s your best memory in this room?

We do a yearly golf tournament, the InVETational Golf Classic, for military veterans. Last year, we had a party alongside it and invited a lot of wonderful veterans to our home. There were people and lights and flowers everywhere. It looked beautiful. It was the kind of party we’d always envisioned in this house.