My Favorite Room: Vivica A. Fox is all for unstuffy comfort — but insists on bling

My Favorite Room: Vivica A. fox


In her 2,500-square-foot Porter Ranch home, Vivica A. Fox surrounds herself with legends.

Large portraits of her favorite pop stars — “the best of the best, honey” — claim their space throughout the ranch-style house, including Madonna, Whitney Houston and Prince, all embellished with Swarovski crystals and custom colors. Michael Jackson hangs in her regal living room, and Fox had the artist, DJ Flattery, tint his pants purple to match the room’s aesthetic.

For the record:

5:35 p.m. Sept. 4, 2018A quote in this story gave the title of a Michael Jackson video as “Keep It in the Closet.” The correct title is “In the Closet.”

“Growing up, Michael was such a huge influence on my life,” said the actress, 54. “This portrait is from his video for ‘Keep It in the Closet’; he’s happy and smiling and looked so strong, masculine and sexy.”


Prized possessions in the room include framed photos of Fox’s six godchildren and an apple sculpture, a gift from the organization Best Buddies. The glittering accents throughout the house and a coffee-table book on Tiffany jewelry celebrate her “guilty pleasure.”

“Honey, I’m a fan of jewels ... every year I get a nice little piece from them,” she said. “I work hard for my sparkle.”

This fall Fox will host the new CBS talk show “Face the Truth.”

Why is this your favorite room?

I get to relax in this room. When I decided to move into my ranch-style home, I didn’t want it to be stuffy. I wanted it to be fun. This is where I have all my friends over; it’s like my front room and theater room mixed together.


What words would you use to describe your aesthetic style?

Rock-star chic.

Tell me about some of your favorite design elements in here.

My large-screen TV. I framed my screen because I thought a big, old 72-inch screen just hanging was ugly. I’ve worked with U-Frame-It for a very long time, and throughout my home all of my screens are framed. I really like this one because it’s silver, pretty and if it’s not on, you really don’t know that it’s a TV screen.

You have some amazing bling.

I’m a sparkle babe, and there are pretty sparkles throughout my whole house. My chandeliers and sconces in here match each other and are dripping sparkles. I wanted something that was modern and a little edgy. They’re by Hye Lighting; they’ve done all the lighting in all my homes. They get me.

Tell me about the stained glass.

I live in the Valley, and it gets so hot, but I’m not a big drapery person because I think they hold a lot of dust. So I always take my windows and put artistic colors in them. The windows in this house represent earthy colors and are custom-made by Dragonfly Stained Glass Studio.

What’s your favorite memory in here?

This past Christmas I executive-produced and starred in a movie called “A Husband for Christmas,” and I had the majority of all my godchildren here for a screening. It was such a special time; we laughed and watched the movie, and the kids were like, “G-Ma, it’s you!” I don’t have children, so in this chapter of my life I feel like my godchildren saved me. I now have six, and they bring me such happiness because they love me for me.