My Favorite Room: Ziggy Marley’s library/TV room relaxes and inspires

In his library/TV room, Marley says, "my daughter will play the piano, and we jam and make music. We love to watch movies as a family and have a big screen TV."
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

You might think a seven-time Grammy winner and cookbook author would choose his music studio or kitchen as his favorite room.

But Ziggy Marley, 47, the eldest son of the late Bob Marley, said his top spot to hang is the library/television room in his Beverly Hills home. It’s where the reggae artist, who recently released “Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook: Delicious Meals Made With Whole, Organic Ingredients From the Marley Kitchen,” relaxes, writes songs — and has the occasional pillow fight.

Marley bought the four-bedroom home with his wife, Orly, in 2004. The couple were married at the Gus Duffy-designed Mediterranean in December 2004 and have four children together, ages 9 months, 5, 9 and 11. He also has three children from previous relationships.


What makes the room special?

It has two big glass doors that let in a lot of sunshine and a high ceiling with wood beams. We have deep couches that are really comfortable and cushions from Morocco. It’s a place that I can chill out and relax after a long day.

What’s in the room?

We have a piano and some djembe drums. My wife put my Grammys and my Emmy above the fireplace. And I have a record player in the room and like to play Michael Jackson and David Bowie. I have about 30 records right now, but I’m adding all the time.

Can you tell me about the library?

The books are important. I’ve been reading since I was very young. I brought some of the books that inspired me with me from Jamaica. Most of those are spiritual, biblical books. A lot of my spiritual growth, which I do feel is a part of my success as a person and as an artist, and the ideas and influences that have opened doors for me are in those books.


How do you use the space?

My daughter will play the piano, and we jam and make music. We love to watch movies as a family and have a big screen TV. The couches have big pillows, so sometimes me and the boys will have a pillow fight. Orly will tell us to stop jumping on the furniture. But we enjoy breaking the rules in that room. We cheat and eat in there sometimes, and that’s not allowed either.

You released your self-titled sixth album in May. Does the space inspire your craft?

It does. That room is like my vibe. It’s a real chill place where I can relax and write songs. I take my acoustic guitar in there. I wrote a lot of the songs on the new album in the room; “Love Is a Rebel” is one of them.

Biggest splurge?

The real authentic Persian rug was the biggest splurge. My wife does the splurging, so I cannot recall how much we spent on our rugs for the house. But we basically blew our entire furniture budget on these antique Persian rugs, and, therefore, had no furniture for the first few years of our married life. The rug in the TV room is an antique, a square rug with silk, which is very rare, and it fits perfectly in the square room.



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