Review: Wize, a new online platform, needs tutors for dozens of subjects

San Jose State University
Wize, formally known as Wizedemy, is best known for its college-prep materials, but it recently added a tutoring arm.
(Paul Sakuma / Associated Press)

What: Wize, officially Wizedemy, is an online education and tutoring platform for all topics, grammar school through college, that allows tutors to set their own rates and keep 100% of what they earn.

Expected pay: $20 + per hour

Husl$core: $$$$$ (scale of 5)

Commissions & fees: None

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Pass a screening process that looks at credentials and skills

Wize, formally Wizedemy, is an online education platform that generally charges for college-prep materials. The site added tutoring to its lineup in September 2019. That makes the tutoring platform new and in need of tutors for dozens of subjects. The site’s chief executive, Cyrus Moradian, says Wize earns nothing on tutor pay and, instead, supports the site with its other products.

For tutors, that’s a great deal. Tutors are able to set their own rates and keep every dollar. The site has no set payment schedule. Tutors are paid on demand via PayPal or direct deposit. Although the site suggests that tutors keep their rates in the $20- to $25-per-hour range to ensure they get plenty of work, some tutors charge considerably more. The rate is up to you.


The only concern we have with this tutoring platform is with the site’s youth. This may mean it has fewer tutoring clients than other seasoned sites. And, of course, it may eventually start charging tutors to list their services. For now, however, there’s little to dislike.

Recommendations: If you want to tutor and have experience teaching, check out Chelsea International Education. Those without teaching credentials can find tutoring work with Varsity Tutors, Wyzant and TutorMe.

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