California is reopening. Here’s what that means for you

Animated illustration of a neon sign that says "RE-OPEN" where the "RE" is flickering.
(Stephanie DeAngelis / For The Times)

Restrictions on how we work, shop, travel and eat will ease in California on June 15. As pandemic rules wane, we’ll begin to see whether the changes the health crisis brought to the business world will endure or if they will fade as well.

Some shifts seem lasting: Office-bound workers are rejecting the old status quo, and demand for delivery and streaming services continues to exceed pre-pandemic levels. Yet freeway traffic is already beginning to return, and the mask business has dried up.

Here’s what the new normal might look like.

June 15 reopening: Your guide to the new normal

Consumer behavior veered sharply during the pandemic. As COVID-19 restrictions let up in California, we’ll see whether these changes endure, or if they too will fade.

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With California’s economy reopening, rent in Los Angeles and other big cities is beginning to rise.

With offices in California and elsewhere reopening, workers who’ve been doing their jobs remotely once again need to commute — or figure out how to avoid it for good.

The federal government isn’t willing to make a digital pass or app that attests to a person’s vaccination status. Several companies are trying to fill the void.