Apple vs. Samsung trial: opening statements pushed to Tuesday

The patent infringement trial between Apple and Samsung began Monday in federal court in San Jose.
(SeongJoon Cho)

Updated: At 4 p.m. Pacific time, a jury of 10 -- three women, seven men -- was selected in the Apple vs. Samsung case.

SAN JOSE -- Quick update on the first day of the Apple vs. Samsung trial: With jury selection still not complete, opening statements will not happen until Tuesday.

After spending Monday morning asking jurors about their technology devices and preferences, U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh continued with her questioning in the afternoon, asking jurors to list their social-media habits, including email, blogs, Internet usage, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

She also wanted to know whether anyone in the jury pool had ever had an idea stolen from them or been accused of stealing someone else’s idea. Prospective jurors also had to state their biographical information, including where they were born, where they live now, education, current job and previous employers, marital status, hobbies, years married and occupation of spouse, and number and ages of children.


At 2:40 p.m. Pacific time, Koh finished her voir dire and lawyers for Apple and Samsung were given 20 minutes each to ask the remaining jurors their own questions.

Once a jury of 10 is chosen, which should happen by the end of the day Monday, opening statements can begin on Tuesday. Koh said she would give Apple and Samsung lawyers an hour and a half each; both sides said they planned to use close to their maximum allotted time.

The trial is expected to last four weeks. Court will be in session on Monday, Tuesday and Friday of this week. Each side has 25 hours to make their case.


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