Kindle Fire gets Draw Something app

Picture this: Kindle Fire users finally get to join in the addictive fun of Draw Something.

Amazon announced the app’s release in a tweet on Wednesday night. Google Android users were already drawing stuff with the app, but the Kindle Fire tablet, which runs on an altered version of the Android operating system, doesn’t have access to the apps on Google Play. Draw Something is also available for iOS users.

Zynga’s popular social sketching and guessing game comes in the free and ad-free $1.99 versions for the Fire.

The object of the game is to get your opponent to guess what you’ve drawn correctly. If your opponent does, you both get play dough to buy in-game stuff like new paint colors and brush shapes.


Less than two months after launching, the game had drawn 50 million downloads across platforms. The company says that comes to more than 6 billion drawings. 

As engaging and time-consuming as it can be, not everyone plays by the rules, though, as Tech Now’s David Sarno wrote recently. Some Internet players choose to scrawl out the word with the paintbrush. 

To me, that spells out C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G.


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