Google releases new racing game playable with mobile Chrome browser

Google took a trip back to the 1970s on Tuesday with a new Chrome game called Racer that lets users connect multiple devices to hold slot-car races.

The game is one of two new Chrome Experiments that show off the Web browser’s capabilities to run video games and sync across multiple devices.

Racer lets users hook up all sorts of different smartphones and tablets, regardless of their operating systems, using the Chrome mobile browser app to create large race tracks that span across all the devices’ screens.

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To play, users go to the Racer game webpage and initiate the game with a smartphone or tablet. Up to four more devices running the Chrome browser can then connect to the game by inputting a code found on the first device. Once all racers are connected, the race begins. Gamers keep their finger on the screen to make the car go, and lift the finger to apply the brakes.

Each car’s track is made up of a different color, creating a rainbow effect on top of a black background. Add to that a brand new song by legendary disco and electronic music producer Giorgio Moroder (which can be downloaded free from Google Play) and you feel like you’re racing inside the world of Tron.

Besides Racer, Google released a game called Roll It, which is a new take on the classic game of skeeball. Users grab their smartphone and connect it with their desktop by visiting the webpage Roll It through the Chrome browser on both machines.

Once that’s done, they can then use their smartphone to control how they roll the skeeball. Users can also turn the game into a multiplayer competition with up to two more players.


Racer and Roll It are the latest mini-games produced by Google for its Chrome browser. Notably, the company a few months ago released a mini-game called World Wide Maze that turned websites into marble mazes on laptops or desktops. Users then controlled the maze and guided a marble through by tilting the landscape using their smartphones.


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