Google developing video game console, plans to release Nexus Q

The Nexus Q, an unreleased Google product, may finally go on sale this fall.

Google is reportedly building a video game console based on its Android operating system that could come out this fall.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Google is hoping to expand on the success of its Android smartphones and tablets by using the operating system to launch a game console of its own. The report cites unnamed sources.

If so, Google wouldn’t be the first company to make an Android-based video game system. Just this month, the Ouya, an Android game console funded by Kickstarter users, went on sale to the public.

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The Journal also reports that Google is working on a second version of its Nexus Q, a device similar to the Apple TV and Roku that was unveiled at Google’s 2012 developers conference. The device was praised for its hardware design, but due to criticism of the media player’s limited software capabilities Google announced that it would indefinitely delay the Nexus Q’s release.

Besides the Nexus Q and the video game console, Google is also working on a digital wristwatch that would run on Android. The report says Google hopes to release at least one of the devices this fall.

Google reportedly is working on these devices as a reaction to Apple. There have been a number of reports since late 2012 that Apple is developing a so-called iWatch, and the Journal reports that Google suspects that Apple is also working on a video game console of its own.



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