Google Now, a proactive personal assistant, available for iPhone, iPad


Google Now, a mobile feature designed by the Silicon Valley tech giant to give users information they might want before they search for it, is finally available for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

The feature arrived Monday morning as part of the latest update for the iPhone and iPad Google app after debuting last summer exclusively for Android devices. Google Now is a big part of the search company’s efforts to remain users’ go-to service when seeking information on their phone or tablet.

Google Now works by taking the context clues provided by users and their smartphones to deliver information they might need before they seek it. For example, the feature will use the phone’s GPS functionality in the morning to provide users with the weather for the city they are in. If a user has an appointment coming up, Google Now will calculate how long it takes to get to the appointment and remind the user when he or she has to get going.


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Additionally, Google Now for iOS will also be able to provide users with the latest sports scores for their favorite teams or teams in their city, news articles on breaking stories, information on public transportation and more.

“With Google Now you don’t even have to do search,” said Baris Gultekin, Google Now product management director, on Wednesday. “Information is right there waiting for you before you even ask. It’s all about providing you with the right information, based on your context, at just the right time.”

However, the iOS version of Google Now is not as complete as the version on Android. For example, the iPhone and iPad Google Now version will not provide users with information about concerts or nearby events. The iOS version also cannot provide users with their boarding pass if they have an upcoming flight.

Additionally, users cannot get push notifications from Google Now. Instead, users must tap on the Google app every time they want to see the latest information provided by Google Now.

On Android, Google says the feature usually sees a spike in usage in the morning, when users are getting ready to start their day. The same should hold up for Google Now on iOS.


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