iPhone 6 ‘Hairgate’: Have you been snagged?

It seems the iPhone 6 just can't stop making fashion faux pas. First there was #Bendgate, in which some users' phones were bending in the pockets of their skinny jeans. Now it's #Hairgate.

This week, it emerged that some iPhone 6 users were getting their hair, including beard hair, snagged in the phone. According to a community post on 9 to 5 Mac, the users' hair was getting caught in the seam between the aluminum backing and the front glass.

Some others took to Twitter to lament about the hairy situation. Still others said #Hairgate was not a thing. A very unscientific experiment by @latimes found that the hair of one in three testers was snagged. Check out a few of the #Hairgate social reactions, along with a few videos of users testing out the issue. Are you getting your beard or hair stuck in the iPhone 6? Tweet us @latimes: