Microsoft once again cuts price of Surface Pro, to $699

Microsoft has cut the price of the Surface Pro again, and it is now available for $699.

Microsoft’s new Surface 2 Pro went on sale this week, but the tech giant is still trying to clear inventory for its predecessor. And now, it’s cut the price of the Surface Pro by another $100 in order to do so.

The Redmond, Wash., company updated one of its Web pages to inform customers that the original Surface Pro is now available for $699 for the base 64-gigabyte model.

This is the second time that Microsoft cut the price of the original Surface Pro by $100. Originally, the tablet/hybrid device launched for $899 in February. The company slashed prices by $100 during the summer as part of a back-to-school deal and later decided to keep the lower price.

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With the deal users can get a 64 GB model for $699, 128 GB model for $799, and the 256 GB model for $999.

But besides posting the new price on its Web page for “Amazing deals at the Microsoft Store,” the company isn’t doing much to promote the product -- it’s still focused on selling the latest versions of the device.

If you go to, the website makes no mention of the Surface Pro.

Although the Surface Pro has a weak battery life, customers interested in a heavy-duty tablet may want to consider the device. Thanks to all the price cuts, it is now $200 cheaper than the new Surface 2 Pro.


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