Meet Apple’s new iPhone


Arriving Sept. 19, the new iPhone brings Apple in line with smartphones from Samsung, HTC and others while making a name for itself with powerful photo and video features.

The iPhone 6 comes in two larger, faster and thinner varieties than previous iPhones, allowing for sleeker horizontal display of apps and better gameplay, Apple announced Tuesday.

Prices start at $199, following Apple’s typical pricing schedule. Buyers have the option for colors in gold, silver and “space gray.”


Apple had been expected for months to increase the size of the iPhone as the demand for smartphones with screens 4.5 inches or larger has doubled during the last year to encompass nearly a third of the smartphone market, with buyers choosing options from the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC.

The smaller model has a 4.7-inch screen, a jump from the 4-inch screen on its predecessor, the iPhone 5S. It packs 38% more pixels onto the high-definition screen than the iPhone 5S, and comes in at 6.9 millimeters (about 0.25 inches) thick, about 0.7 mm less than the 5S.

A second model, with a 5.5-inch screen and 7.1-mm thickness (also about 0.25 inches), is called the iPhone 6 Plus. With its large size comes 185% more pixels than the iPhone 5S and a much more powerful battery. It can hold its charge for 14 hours of high-definition video playback, compared to 10 on the iPhone 5S and 12 on the smaller iPhone 6.

While the cameras aren’t receiving significant megapixel boosts, both versions feature new camera sensors that produce faster, continuous autofocus and improved video stabilization. Another tool, similar to what some Android smartphones have, lets users shoot a burst of photos and then choose to save the one with the best smile.

In another Android-borrowed feature, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be able to make phone calls over Wi-Fi. And they now support WiFi 802.11 ac, which means that when the iPhone 6 is connected to newer routers that support the technology, Internet speeds can be up to three times faster, Apple said.

Because of a barometer, the iPhone 6 can also track how many stairs people climb.

iPhone 6 prices on a two-year cellular service contract are $199 for 16 gigabytes, $299 for 64 gigabytes, $399 for 128 gigabytes. Prices for the iPhone 6 Plus: $299 for 16 gigabytes, $399 for 64 gigabytes and $499 for 128 gigabytes. iPhone 5S prices were dropped to $99 for the cheapest model while the iPhone 5C is now free with a two-year contract. Pre-orders begin Friday.


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