Snapchat drops 10-second limit on video recording

People about to film an event sure to last more than 10 seconds — say singing “Happy Birthday” — likely opt for a camera tool beside Snapchat.

That’s because one of the video-sharing app’s biggest quirks, aside from the fact messages delete by default after they’re viewed, is the 10-second limit it places on the length of any single video.

But starting Tuesday, the Los Angeles company will allow users to record six 10-second clips without interruption — making it a little easier to capture the entire birthday song, plus blowing out the candles, too.

Previously, the hundreds of millions of people who use Snapchat had to record a video of up to 10 seconds, post it or delete it, and then start the process again.


Now, users can film and choose to upload any number of the six videos. They’ll still appear to viewers as distinct 10-second bites, so it won’t be as seamless as recording a minute-long video on a smartphone’s default camera app or Instagram. The new filming option, though, makes Snapchat much more inviting.

Snapchat has been widely expanding such recording options and adding to its editing tools over the last year as it tries to increase usage among from existing users amid slowing growth in new active accounts.

Investors and financial analysts have expressed concern that Snap isn’t as valuable of a company as many surmised because it remains a niche and more tricky smartphone camera app compared with Instagram.

The doubts have contributed to a 36% slide in Snap shares from $22.98 before it reported quarterly financial results in May to below $15 Tuesday. Its next earnings report is scheduled for Aug. 10. / PGP

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