Traveling abroad? T-Mobile’s new unlimited plan beats AT&T, Verizon

A screenshot of a promotional video by T-Mobile shows the carrier’s new international additions for its Simple Choice plan.

T-Mobile announced its customers now get unlimited data and texting when they travel abroad.

The Seattle carrier will also let users make calls while abroad for $0.20 per minute. And all of this is bundled into the company’s base Simple Choice plan, which costs $50 per month.

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How does T-Mobile’s new plan stack up against rivals AT&T, Verizon and Sprint? Here’s what we’ve found.



If you’re traveling with AT&T, you’ll have to pay extra on top of your service plan to get texting, data and voice.

For texting, users can pay $10 for 50 messages per month, $30 for 200 or $60 for 600 minutes.

Data starts at $30 for 120 MB per month, then $60 for 300 MB and finally $120 for 800 MB.


Voice plans depend on where you’re traveling, but most start at $30. If you go to Mexico or Canada, you can get about 80 minutes ($0.38 per minute) for that much; traveling in Europe will get you 30 minutes ($1 per minute). More expensive plans with more minutes are also available, but none are less than T-Mobile’s $0.20 per minute.


Verizon’s international plans are trickier to navigate since the rates differ depending on the country you are traveling to.

Let’s start with the simple part. Customers can pay $25 per month for 100 MB of international data use. Text messages are $0.50 across the board. Messages received are $0.05.

Voice calls is where it gets complicated. Users can pay $4.99 per month to receive discounted rates per minute, but they vary depending on the country. In a country such as England, the $4.99 plan would get rates down to $0.99 per minute.


With Sprint, the process also heavily depends on where you are traveling.

Users who travel to Canada or Mexico can get 55 MB of data for $30 per month, 175 MB for $75 or 325 MB for $125. For a few other countries, customers can pay $40 for 40 MB or $80 for 85 MB.


For voice calls, customers can pay $2.99 to receive a rate of $0.20 per minute if they travel to Canada. They can also pay $4.99 to receive discounted rates per minute for calls made in other countries.

Text messages are each $0.50 for those sent and $0.05 for messages received.


T-Mobile is the clear winner, especially if you like simplicity and saving money. 


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