Top Google searches of 2014: Robin Williams, World Cup, Ebola

Sorry Kim Kardashian, you didn’t break the Internet this year. The honor of being the No. 1 trending search on Google actually went to Robin Williams.

The Mountain View, Calif., search engine giant released its annual list of top trending items Tuesday. Williams led the list of trending searches in the U.S. and globally, followed by the World Cup, Ebola and Malaysia Airlines.

“The passing of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams shook the world, bringing many people online to search for more information and to remember,” Google said in a release announcing its trending search items. “There was even an uptick in searches related to depression tests and mental health in the days following his death.”

Google users also checked out Williams’ roles in “Aladdin” and “Dead Poets Society” and viewed GIFs and memes of the actor.


Trending searches are the ones that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2014 compared with 2013.

Check out the full lists below and watch a YouTube video of the year.

Global Trending Searches

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Flappy Bird
Conchita Wurst
Sochi Olympics

U.S. Trending Searches

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
Flappy Bird
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

U.S. Trending People
Jennifer Lawrence
Kim Kardashian
Tracy Morgan
Ray Rice
Tony Stewart
Iggy Azalea
Donald Sterling
Adrian Peterson
Renee Zellweger
Jared Leto

U.S. Trending How to...?. (FYI, last year’s was “How to twerk...”)
How to Airdrop
How to Contour
How to Vote
How to Kiss
How to Craft
How to Colorblock
How to Wakeboard
How to Refurbish
How to Delegate
How to DIY


U.S. Trending What is...?
What is Ebola?
What is ALS
What is ISIS?
What is Bitcoin?
What is Asphyxia?
What is Gamergate?
What is WhatsApp?
What is MERS?
What is Hamas?
What is Airdrop?

U.S. Trending Celebrity Losses

Robin Williams
Joan Rivers
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Maya Angelou
Jan Hooks
Harold Ramis
Shirley Temple
Lauren Bacall
Mickey Rooney
James Avery

U.S. Trending World Cup Matches


Argentina vs Netherlands
Germany vs Argentina
USA vs Germany
Argentina vs Switzerland
Brazil vs Netherlands
Netherlands vs Mexico
Brazil vs Chile
USA vs Belgium
Argentina vs Belgium
USA vs Portugal

U.S. Trending Donations
Donate to ALS
Donate to Ebola
Donate to Breast Cancer
Donate to Goodwill
Donate for Veterans
Donate Blood
Donate Cars
Donate Bone Marrow
Donate Books
Donate Cell Phones

U.S. Trending IPOs
Alibaba IPO
King Digital IPO
Virgin America IPO
Castlight Health IPO
HubSpot IPO
Lending Club IPO
GrubHub IPO

Global Trending Consumer Electronics

iPhone 6
Samsung Galaxy S5
Nexus 6
Moto G
Samsung Note 4
XBox One
Apple Watch
Nokia X
iPad Air


Global Trending People

Jennifer Lawrence
Kim Kardashian
Julie Gayet
Tracy Morgan
Renee Zellweger
Jared Leto
Matthew McConaughey
Amal Alamuddin
Donald Sterling

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