I took the subway to the Oscars. It was just the beginning of a wild ride

Among the Oscars scenes you don't see on TV.
Among the Oscars scenes you don’t see on TV.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

The Academy Awards are typically covered by veteran entertainment journalists steeped in the strategy of “award season.”

But this year, The Times also sent Julia Wick, a reporter from the paper’s Metro section who writes the Essential California newsletter.

She emerged from the subway, passed the lines of valets and headed to the rain-soaked red carpet before claiming her nose-bleed seat.

Over the next few hours, she experienced a different side of the Oscars — the swag-filled restrooms, the surprisingly meager bar tipping, the aggressive food runs, the stealth vacuuming and the way even Hollywood’s biggest night can’t quite compete with Nextdoor.

And of course the excitement of the Academy Awards making history.


Here is Julia’s journey as she told it on Twitter: