Jealousy of porn actor led to murder attempt with golf club, LAPD says

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Police tape at a crime scene in Los Angeles. James Gosselin, 26, has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges for an alleged April 2 attack on an adult film actor.
(Raul Roa / Los Angeles Times)

A man was arrested last month after he tried to ram an adult film star’s motorcycle and bludgeon the victim with a golf club, according to Los Angeles police.

James Gosselin, 26, allegedly attempted to run over an adult film actor identified in an LAPD search warrant affidavit as “Hamilton” while Hamilton rode his motorcycle April 2. Gosselin was jealous because Hamilton had made an adult film with his ex-girlfriend, according to the warrant’s statement of probable cause. The ex requested to be identified by a stage name, “Ivy,” citing concern for her safety.

Gosselin was booked for attempted murder April 4, jail records show, and released the next day on a $1-million bond.


He was also charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, and he faces another charge for illegal possession of a loaded gun in public, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department arrest records.

Gosselin pleaded not guilty to all charges May 3. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 6 in Van Nuys for a preliminary hearing. His attorney, Michael Moshe Levin, did not respond to a request for comment.

In the alleged April 2 attack, Hamilton was riding his motorcycle when another vehicle twice bumped into his back wheel, causing him to lose balance, the search warrant affidavit said. Hamilton told LAPD investigators he looked back to see Gosselin try and fail to put on a ski mask before exiting his vehicle wielding a golf club.

Gosselin swung and missed several times but managed to hit Hamilton once on his lower back hard enough to later cause bruising, according to the warrant document.

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Hamilton was able to tackle Gosselin and break his orbital bone with a punch to the face, police said. Officers arrived and took Gosselin into custody without incident. Gosselin admitted he owned a ski mask, golf club and untraceable ghost gun that officers discovered in his vehicle, police said.

Police said in the warrant documents that they took Gosselin to a hospital and he was later released for an unspecified “medical reason.”


Hamilton told LAPD Det. Gerardo Rivera he began receiving text messages April 3 from friends warning that Gosselin was out of the hospital and looking for him.

Hamilton told Rivera he feared for his safety because of Gosselin’s “demeanor and reputation of carrying a firearm.”

A mutual friend of the two men told police that Gosselin had been upset about his breakup with Ivy and Ivy’s relationship with Hamilton.

According to the warrant affidavit, the mutual friend also said that Gosselin told her he planned to borrow a truck, wait for Hamilton on the street, murder him and put his body in the truck to dispose of it.

Gosselin was not mentally well and was “willing to shoot it out with police officers when arrested,” she told Rivera.

Gosselin and Ivy ended their relationship in February, the search warrant said.