Late-night hosts roast clip of Piers Morgan interview with Trump


Donald Trump is back in the news, and late-night TV hosts are flocking to the drama like moths to a flame.

Comedians Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon all commented Thursday on a forthcoming sit-down between the former president and British TV personality Piers Morgan, who claims Trump stormed out of their interview.

Trump has denied that accusation and alleged that Morgan “unlawfully and deceptively” edited a promotional video for their conversation “to make it look like” he irritably walked off the set. The full interview is set to air April 25 on Morgan’s new TalkTV show, “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”


“Trump squatted down for what appears to be a contentious chat with Piers Morgan, who used to be his friend ... as close to a friend as Donald Trump has, I guess,” Kimmel said on his eponymous late-night program.

“And [Morgan] released a promo that shows Trump storming out after refusing to admit that he lost the [2020 presidential] election,” Fallon said on “The Tonight Show.” “But now, Trump is claiming that he never stormed out and that Piers Morgan actually doctored the footage. In Trump’s defense, I really don’t see him storming anywhere.”

In the melodramatic preview released Wednesday by Morgan, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host appears to call his interviewer “very dishonest” and order the film crew to “turn the camera off” while walking out of the frame. However, NBC News later received audio from Trump‘s team that seems to contradict Morgan’s clip.

According to a Wednesday report from NBC, Trump’s recording of the conversation ends amicably before the politician says, “Turn the camera off.” In a statement published Wednesday night, Trump called Morgan’s depiction of the event “fake news.”

“I’m sorry, but who edited that trailer, Michael Bay?” Meyers said of the Morgan promo on “Late Night.”


“Was there hand-to-hand combat? Is this from the next Jason Bourne movie, where instead of advanced fighting skills, Jason Bourne wakes up in a poorly tailored suit?”

Meyers also pointed out that Morgan once “famously stormed off the set of his own TV show in the U.K.” (Morgan resigned from “Good Morning Britain” in March 2021 after drawing widespread criticism for disparaging remarks he made about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.)

For the most part, though, the late-night hosts were less interested in how the interview actually went down and more focused on Trump’s face, which appears to be perspiring throughout Morgan’s teaser. On “The Tonight Show,” Fallon wondered whether Trump has “been living at Mar-a-Lago or under a heat lamp at Golden Corral.”

“Trump has never been greasier or sweatier,” Kimmel said.

“He’s literally melting down,” Meyers quipped. “That’s what a Yankee Candle looks like if you leave it out in the sun.”